Confidentiality Agreement

The confidentiality agreement of our company is listed below.


These privacy principles have been prepared by Verixu in order to determine the responsibilities of internet address (and its sub-sites and extensions) regarding privacy. The following articles include the rules of information collection and distribution on the website (and its sub-sites and extensions)

We will use your IP address to troubleshoot problems on our servers and to manage our website. Your IP address will be used to recognize you and your shopping cart and to collect your open demographic information.

In the registration form to the customer database of our site, our users must provide all the requested information such as contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) completely and accurately. We use the contact information we receive in this form in domain name information for our users' transactions, in emergencies and in the delivery of your invoice.

The financial information obtained will be used in collecting the price of the products and services purchased and in other necessary cases. Personal information will be used for our users to log into the system and, when necessary, to verify the identity of the person.

Statistical information and profile information are also collected on our site. This information can be used in all desired situations. This information will be used to monitor visitor movements and provide personalized content.

There may also be links to other sites on our site. The website (and its sub-sites and extensions) is not responsible for the privacy policies and content of other sites..

Security precautions

Our site has security measures implemented by our company to prevent loss of information, unauthorized use of information and unauthorized modification. These security measures are as follows;

With the SSL security certificate (Secure Socket Layer), your credit card information is encoded and transmitted to the bank. This information is hosted on secure servers belonging to the bank.

Although this authorization transaction, which is only between you and the bank, is carried out on our website, your credit card information is kept confidential between you and the bank during the transaction.

Editing and Deletion of Information

Our customers have the right to edit all their personal and corporate information stored on our system at any time. Our company can perform the necessary examination to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, the information of our individual or corporate customers registered in our system cannot be deleted from our system during the period required by law due to legal obligations, even if they terminate their products, services or services.

At the end of the mandatory period, our individual or corporate customers may request their information to be deleted. For this, an e-mail informing the situation should be sent to